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Experience in CV - how to write it properly

As it is well known in the complicated process of recruiting the most important element is of course the selection of CVs of potential candidates. If our CV is properly written, it is original, clear and interesting then we can count on the next stage of recruitment, which is mostly a job interview.

Undoubtedly, the course of our career so far is for the employer one of the most important parts of our Curriculum Vitae. Of course, for the course of our career it is best when it fits to the position you are applying for. For example, if we apply for a job as an accountant we should first of all focus on the experiences that are associated with this profession. If we worked in other occupations we should mention only those that are related to accounting. Completed courses and training connected with a branch we are applying for may be a very good supplement to an experience blank. We must also remember that too much information can discourage from reading our document. While describing our experience we should remember five basic principles:

What to write in CV if I have no experience yet?

Young people very often wonder how to write an interesting CV, which will show their strong point in the best way, without having a rich professional experience. If you are still studying or you are a recent graduate you will not put any career path in your CV. In this situation we need to focus on to persuade the recruiter that for our application there is a person who is worth hiring despite a lack of professional experience.

In the absence of professional experience very much depends primarily on how you organize the space in your Curriculum Vitae and on an application form that you choose. Certainly each of us has heard that the best CV must show all current jobs, with specific dates and a description of what we were responsible for on each post. In fact, every CV should be adapted to the individual needs of each candidate for the position. Among other things, this is why we should seriously consider whether ready CV designs used by our colleague will succeed in our case. Depending on our individual needs, we can decide on a traditional CV, chronological CV or increasingly popular - a functional CV. You can also mix several different CV designs.

If our experience ends with the holiday seasonal work, or student practices, we should think first of all about the documentary, which will emphasizes specific competence. At the beginning, we should carefully analyze all advertisements for which we want to submit our application and adapt it as accurately as possible to employer’s expectations and to a job profile for which we want to get.