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Can I check whether my browser correctly generate CV before sending SMS ?

Yes. Especially for our users we have prepared a special module which allows you to check whether on your computer it is possible to generate a CV in PDF format. To test the wizard please visit: CV Wizard Test

How many CV templates can I generate with a single SMS ?

Each SMS is a one code and you can generate only one CV template, so before you generate your Curriculum Vitae you should seriously consider which template you prefer and of course look through all available CV designs. SMS code is single so we have to carefully enter the data into the form and not forget about the photo.

After entering the code my CV was not generated.

If after sending the SMS code and entering it into our form you have a problem with generating CV template, please send an email to In a message, please indicate which day SMS was sent and of course the content of the code. Our staff will try to help you.

Can I generate my CV without installing Adobe Reader?

No. To generate your CV in our wizard - you need a free document viewer - Adobe Reader. This program will allow us to browse documents in PDF format. This format is currently a valid ISO 32000-1:2008 standard, so that we are sure that our CV will be read by a potential employer in the appropriate format.

On a portal - I get a message : You have Javascript set to disabled. This ticker runs with Javascript and will only be shown if you turn it on. Sie haben Javascript deaktiviert. Dieser Ticker wird nur vollständig angezeigt, wenn Sie Javascript aktivieren What does it mean ?

Part of our website - was written in the scripting language JavaScript. This message informs that JavaScripts are not correctly interpreted by our browser. The way out of this situation may be to use a different web browser or to update your present browser to a newer version. The Opera browser has the option to turn off JavaScript, in this case we have to click on the "JavaScript Options" and enable the operations performed by JavaScript.

I have a problem with the portal -, which is not described in the help, what to do?

In this case, you can use the Contact tab and write to our staff using given there postal address. Please describe exactly what you have a problem with and certainly we will answer.